Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunrise Reflected - Daytona Beach

Sunrise Reflected - Daytona Beach, originally uploaded by mstoy.

First I must give credit to mstoy on for this excellent photo. Next week I will be on vacation in Daytona Beach. I can only hope I will be able to get a photo as good as this one. What a fantastic sunrise shot!

While in Daytona I will be visiting a few biker hangouts, though I won't be on the bike. I'll post anything interesting I find. My current plan is to be in Daytona again for 2010 Bike Week in March.


mq01 said...

heres to even better sunrises and sunsets in person. have a fabulous time!!!

Janet said...

Remember there's always Biketoberfest(R) in October too! Autumn is also a fabulous time for photo's as everything is vibrant from sunrise to sunset (in a place where you can see both in one day too).