Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slices of Americana

When in Charlotte, NC one can experience two nostalgic drive-in restaurants that still have curb service. Better take warning: if you are on a motorcycle it will be hard to hang the tray on your bike.

Curb Service Still Lives

At 2900 Wilkinson Blvd. you will find Bar-B-Q King. This place has been in business since 1961 -- a time when big gas gulping muscle cars cruised into drive-ins treating the whole family to tasty American food. This is a throwback to an era when Americana was defined by the automobile. Families drove their cars everywhere without considering the cost of gas.

The Famous 21 South Drive In

Just off the Independence expressway on the other side of town is the 21 South Drive-in - in business since 1955. You can't beat a good burger and onion rings served on a tray that hangs off your car window. Too bad we don't have Dad's old 57 Chevy to cruise in for a burger, fries and shake. There is nothing like a Super Boy burger to fill your belly!

It is great to see these places have withstood the test of time. They still stand despite the encroachment of corporate chains. If all we had were fast food and casual dining chains every town in America would look the same.


Rob said...

Where ever I go, I always try to find placed like you described. Their character alone is usually worth the price for the meal and the food is always better the food chains out there.! Thanks for sharing!!

mq01 said...

love it!!! in high school my girlfriend worked at a place like this and wore her roller skates and mini skirts flying around the parking lot all night. we'd hang out inside at a booth or visiting with friends that would roll up. i would have worked there too but was never into working around food. wow, great memories, thanks so much!!