Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Danger of Electric Motorcycles

If loud pipes save lives, electric motorcycles are deadly. I have walked in front of an approaching hybrid car because I didn't hear it coming. Thanks to the quick reaction of that driver I didn't get hit. So think of what it would be like to be riding your silent electric street bike on a city street. Not hearing your approach, a pedestrian steps off the curb right in front of you.

Fans of electric vehicles seem to not remember their high school physics. It takes exactly the same amount of energy to move a vehicle regardless or where that engegy comes from. It is very likely that the electricity used to charge the battery is generated by burning fossil fuels. Electric vehicles do very little if anything to reduce carbon emissions.

A lot is written nowadays about the future of motorcycling. Some think electric bikes are the wave of the future. I certainly hope they are wrong.


Ryan said...

From a safety stand point bikers already have the problem of drives saying "But I didn't even see them". Now they wouldn't even have a chance to hear them.

Also bikes and cars alike, there is something that we like about burning fuel, being loud and running through the gears (ie auto transmissions are not as much fun not that I am speaking for everyone).

though, with an electric motor you could get all power at 0 RPM. Some could like that.

mq01 said...

alot to ponder here, you're right, they are silent. and electric cars are very common and popular in CA. Hmmm... great post...