Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Has Anyone Heard of Victory Motorcycles?

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Victory is "the other" American motorcycle company. Why does nobody know this?

Last evening I watched Paul Tuetul, Sr. and his sons of Orange County Choppers, you know the TLC show "American Chopper", on Larry King Live. I love that show. Those guys are interesting. The bikes they build are awesome. Anyway, one of the questions Larry King asked: "Is Harley the only American motorcycle company?" The Tuetuls all look at each other, shrugged and said that they think it is.

The people at Polaris Industries who make Victory Motorcycles must be devastated by that. No doubt Victory has a very ineffective marketing program if "bike guys" like the OCC gang have no idea there is another American motorcycle company. The company is in Medina, Minnesota for God sake!

Most newbie riders (and wannabes) that I talk to always say they want a Harley. Nobody says they want a Victory. Again, I think it is Harley's awesome marketing program. What other commercial brand do you know that is so sought after that people tatoo the brand name on their body? Harley's marketing program might be the best in the history of business! I would be interested in hearing what marketing pros think. I am not one.

Victory definately needs a marketing program if they ever want to penetrate the market. I did some googling and found a Victory owner's blog that makes the same case.$300-000-000-image-makeover/

For the record, I would consider buying a Victory. They look very exciting. They seem well built. I recently met a rider who has ridden his Victory over 100,000 miles.

Can Victory ever make a significant dent in the market share Harley holds? Comments please?


mq01 said...

i know Victory bikes, but, i worked for Arlen and Cory Ness for many many years so i should know of Victory :) i agree, they are great bikes. they have a place in the industry for sure, and need to work on their marketing to reach more potential customers. great post.

bikerphoto said...

The Cory Ness Victory Vegas is very cool. There aren't many dealers around here in Maryland. I did notice that they have a pretty good TV commercial now.

Doug K. said...

I test rode a Victory a few years ago when they came out with the Arlen Ness restyled version. I came away impressed with the power and solid feel of the bike. Didn't buy one but if I was in the market for a big cruiser I'd give them another look just because it's not a "me too" bike.