Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nomad by the Ocean

Nomad by the Ocean, originally uploaded by bikerphoto.

I rode the Nomad from Baltimore to Daytona Beach for Bike Week. 2096.1 miles in all. During this trip I took lots of pictures that will be the first content posted on bikerphoto.net. The site will be a resource where people who love to attend major motorcycle rallies can pla their travel, reserve hotel rooms, and find links to riding gear and accessories for their bikes.

I will be attending Myrtle Beach Bike Week and also Ocean City Maryland Bike Week later this year. Bikerphoto.net will have many high quality photos, both posed and candid of people at these events. The target for getting the site online with the pictures from Daytona is March 15.

I will continue to post to this blog all along the journey, telling readers what I am learning about web design, my successes and my failures, as I build bikerphoto.net.

Nomad by the Ocean