Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's a Vegas, Baby!

So you say you want to be different? You already ride motorcycles. That makes you different from those plain vanilla people in the office. But do you want to be different from other bikers, or do you want to be just like all the rest of them. You can be a member of the club and ride what all your buddies ride, or you can standout and ride something different. Go for the gusto! Ride a Vegas, Baby!

Lucky Lime

The 2009 Victory Vegas comes in a standard model. There is also the blacked-out 8 Ball model, and the stunning Jackpot model. Just looking at the Vegas Jackpot will make you forget about your boss. Riding it will make your heart race. The 106 cubic inch v-twin comes to life and pulls smooth and hard from idle. With this much torque at the low end, no need to worry about winding the bike out. No matter when you shift, the next gear is ready to pull with power. The seat height is a nice 25.7 inches, which should allow most people to stand flat footed while waiting to drag race those other bikes to the next traffic light.

With 4 vales per cylinder, self-adjusting cam chains and hydraluic lifters, there is no need for periodic valve adjustments. This is a low maintenance machine designed for long life and high performance. The 5 year warranty offered on all Victory Motorcycles is unmet by any other company.

At $18,499 the Vegas Jackpot is not for the casual biker. It will set you back a few grand, but you get lasting pleasure, unlike what happens in that town in Nevada where the pleasure is oh so temporary. If you are more price concious, the all blacked out Vegas 8 ball goes for just $13,799. What a bargain! Then you can take the five grand you save and ride your Vegas to Las Vegas!

Photo courtesy of:
Rickey Brown
Bayou Photography
Owner: Jeff Funderburk
Elizabeth, Louisiana
Model: Kacee LaNell
2009 Victory Vegas Jackpot Lucky Lime
106 C.I.

By the way, the pipes on the bike pictured are not stock.


mq01 said...

great post. great pic. the model's physique is fantastic and complements that bike really well. wish i could see the whole pic, that green is especially outstanding. :) excellent!!

bikerphoto said...

Actually you can see the entire picture by clicking on it. The picture is hosted on flickr.com. For some reason blogger chops off the right side.