Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kentucky Fried Chicken

This afternoon I got a hankerin' for some KFC. I rarely eat it. I'm trying to watch my cholesterol you know. But I decided that today would be the day to have some. So I got on the bike, suited up with layers, including leather chaps to keep my legs warm, and headed out for a little ride. The local KFC that is less than a mile from my house would be too close. I also wanted to put a few miles on the bike. So I headed to Annapolis via a round about route.

When I stopped in KFC in Annapolis, a young girl working there asked me if my bike is a Harley. I always get a laugh when someone mistakes my Kawasaki for a Harley. I politely told her it is not a Harley. She then proceeded to tell me about the first and only time she rode a dirt bike. She ran into a tree. I've heard that story many times, and actually have seen it happen a few times. It seems that many people get on a bike the first time, thinking it will be easy to ride it, and immediately crash into a stationary object.

Anyway, the 70 mile round trip and the 2 peice meal with mashed potatoes hit the spot. I hope I don't get another craving for greasy chicken soon though. Too much KFC could cause a bypass operation. But it was a good excuse to go for a ride.

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