Friday, November 30, 2007

Boat Wreck

Boat Wreck, originally uploaded by bikerphoto.

This boat has had an unfortunate mishap. An article
from last may in the Baltimore Sun explains that the boat got stuck on these pilings in a storm and the owner left it there abandonded. Nobody really knows who the owner is. He seems to have left the area. Some complicated laws prevent the city of Baltimore from removing it. They have to go through proper channels to locate the owner first.

This location is home to other sunken ships. There is tugboat down there somewhere, according to the Baltimore Sun.

This is near a marina with lots of very expensive boats. To get the shot, I had to trespass on the dock of a private apartment building. But that is what you have to do sometimes to get interesting shots. I figured the worst that would happen is being asked to leave the property.

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