Sunday, November 25, 2007

Feeding the Pigeons

Feeding the Pigeons, originally uploaded by bikerphoto.

On Black Friday, I shunned the mall and took a dawn photo walk on the waterfront in Fells Point, Baltimore. I got a few good shots. This one was my favorite. I came across this man feeding corn to the pigeons on a street corner. There were hundreds all around him. Here you can see some perched on his arms and one flying toward the camera. Over the winter, I plan to do a lot of walking and taking photos in Baltimore. Look for more intesting pictures of city life.

Fells point is a very trendy area on the Chesapeake Bay. This area of the city was once predominantly industrial with warehouses and wharfs supporting the import/export business. The area became somewhat abandoned over the years as the import/export business moved to the Dundalk Marine Terminal. It has since become a renissance area, with old wharehouses being converted into condominiums, shopping, and restaurants on the water. There is a lot of new construction also. The area is very popular among young professionals.


Sarch said...

Wow, what a photograph. Did the fellow ever acknowledge you taking his photo?

bikerphoto said...

He knew I was taking pictures. He didn't say much, and seemed indifferent. So this is not "true" street photogrpahy. The essence of street photogrpahy is to shoot pictures of people that are completely candid, without them knowing.

Conchscooter said...

Nice pictures, I've never felt at home looking at the world through a lense, and my pictures reflect that i think. I look forward to learning how to combine a motrocycle and camera to better effect