Sunday, November 4, 2007

collapsed barn

collapsed barn, originally uploaded by bikerphoto.

At Linganore Winery in Mt. Airy MD they have this collapsed barn on the property. Living in the metro area of Baltimore and Washington one forgets that rural America is still nearby. When I go to this area, which is only 40 minutes from the Baltimore Beltway, it is amazing to talk to people who live on these farms and have not been to Baltimore in decades. This area is relatively untouched by urban sprawl, though many from urban areas in PA and MD visit here everyday. If not for the nearby urban centers, wineries such as these would have no business. If not for nearby rural charm, there would be no escape from urban confinement. Yet it amazes me how many people I know who never enjoy these nearby simple pleasures, but instead travel very long distances to find their paradise.

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Anonymous said...

You captured the feel of the area in a wonderful way with this shot. I know EXACTLY what you mean about people simply missing the nearby spots for getting away from the chaos.

Many times my wife and I will be riding through an area and I think, "How could we have missed this for the last 20 years?"