Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heartland USA Customizing Kit for Harley Rocker

For owners of the Harley Rocker Softail, there is a customizing option that is affordable and easy. Heartland USA offers a kit for $1999 that will turn this bike into a machine that turns heads everywhere you go. Heartland has been around for about 12 years. They provide easy, pre-fabricated customizing kits for Harley Softails. Everything is cut and pre-drilled, ready to be bolted on. It is perfect for a guy who is good with hand tools but doesn't have a complete metal working shop in his garage.

Jim Grove started this company after selling his business designing interiors for BMW autos (not bikes). He was working on customizing his own softail in his 6th floor condo. All who saw it wanted him to design the customizing for their bikes. That gave him the idea of starting a company that offers easy customizing kits

Heartland makes easy customizing kits for all softails. You can see all the Heartland custom products on their website at http://www.heartlandbiker.com/.

Photo courtesy of Heartland USA.

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