Sunday, May 3, 2009

2010 Honda Fury - First Look

The Fury, originally uploaded by RichardUpshur.

The first Honda Furys are hitting the dealerships now. I sat on a blue one (not the one pictured) at my dealer in Laurel, MD yesterday. The bike certainly gives the feel of a chopper with the arms stretched, feet forward seating position. Choppers aren't made for long distance riding. the seating position dictates getting off the bike often to stretch and stand up straight. Chopper seats are usually hard on the fanny too, but in my short time sitting on the Fury this seat felt pretty good.

Somehow the thought of a Honda chopper doesn't really register. Those who follow this blog will know that I like all types of bikes. My first thought was to wonder why Honda didn't choose the 1800 for their chopper platform, rather than the mid-sized 1300. I suppose they have their reasons, but a thumping 1800 engine would gain more respect from die-hard big motor chopper fans. In the chopper world quaking the bike with every beat of the motor and pounding your eardrums with the concussion of big combustion chambers is the name of the game.

Being a Honda, this bike will likely be a lot more reliable than most custom-built choppers. Liquid cooling, which is not unusual for Honda but is very unusual for a chopper, will give better operation on hot days and longer engine life.

One thing most buyers will change is the exhaust. The bike is way too quiet for a chopper. Moreover the canister-shaped mufflers just don't look like something you would find on a chopper. When we start seeing them on the streets with custom exhausts and cool air intakes, then the Fury will truly turn heads.

The $13,000 price tag saves you a lot compared to the factory chopper from Harley Davidson - The Rocker - which sits on the show room floor for just shy of $20,000. So if you are in the market for a budget priced chopper, the Fury should do the trick.

Looking Forward: watch this blog for future articles and comparison of the Fury against the Harley Rocker and the Victory Vegas. Also watch for an article next week on US Route 30 in Pennsylvania, which I call the Pennsylvania Anti-Turnpike.

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Keith said...

I own this bike in Silver and I picked it up on Friday, may 1st. I have to say the bike is wonderful. I don’t mind the engine size – It cruises nicely at 85 with plenty of power in reserve. I don’t even mind the sound – its deep enough for me but not too loud. I have been riding my 1988 Honda Magna now for 21 years and I really enjoy the Fury. It took a while to get used to the foot pegs being forward, and it doesn’t turn as nicely as the Magna because of the rake, but it handles reasonably well considering. I do miss having a tachometer but that’s a minor issue. Much of the “chromed” parts are plastic but I don’t mind that because it’s easy to maintain and lighter in weight. All-in-all this bike is a good balance of looks, performance, and reliability.

mq01 said...

great blog, and great post. that is one very cool looking bike, i cant wait to see one in person.