Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not a good day for motorcycles

Race Road before the snowplow, originally uploaded by bikerphoto.

On Jan 17, we had a light snowfall here in central Maryland. I took this shot just at the storm was winding down. I had been at a business luncheon and came out to find the roads very slippery. I was in my AWD Pacifica, but with very worn tires. After stopping by a tire shop to get some new tires, I headed home to grab my camera while the snow was fresh. Shortly after this it warmed up, the snow turned into rain, and the beauty of the fresh snow was gone.

This is pretty, but I would much prefer a sunny day in the 70's, so I could be riding my bike on this road.

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Sarch said...

Amen to that Mike...give me some warmer temps made for riding over a snowy day anytime!

We recently had some snow down here in Alabama but I wasn't complaining as my Gold Wing was stuck in the garage without a seat. I've now got the seat back from being customized so it is time for the warm weather to return.