Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baltimore Skyline at Dawn

Baltimore Skyline at Dawn, originally uploaded by bikerphoto.

I have taken a few good photos lately, but haven't had a chance to post them on this blog. I took this picture on a cold Saturday morning at dawn. The vantage point is Federal Hill Park, overlooking the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. On this day, the Army-Navy game was going to occur at M&T Bank Stadium. Midshipmen and Cadets were already out walking around in uniform before the sun came up. On any other morning at this time, there would be just a few early morning joggers and dog walkers.

I love getting out this early. The air is crisp. Most everyone is still asleep. It gives me a different perspective on things. I like the relative peace and quiet at this time of morning, knowing that in a few hours it will be hustle and bustle. It is the beauty of the calm before the storm, I suppose.

Since photography is one of my main topics on this blog, I'll give my own critique of this photo. I had hoped to get the city skyline with the rising sun shining a golden light on the buildings and a clear blue sky overhead. Conditions were not what I expected when I headed out. The sky was mostly clear, but there were some thin coulds on the eastern horizon. That made the light from teh sunrise too dim. I plan to go back on a clear morning to try for a better shot. For now, this one will have to do. I always welcome critique of my photos, so please comment.

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