Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should we have liquid cooling on Harley Davidsons?

I witnessed recently two Harley Davidsons with the Twin Cam 96 engine overheating in traffic on a hot day. One rider was off his Fatboy, pushing it along on the freeway as the traffic inched forward. The other pushed his Ultra Classic off to the shoulder because it had gotten so hot it shut down.

The Harley dealer can install a software download that shuts off fuel to the real cylinder at idle when the bike is stationary. They also will sell you an auxiliary fan to cool the engine. Richening the fuel mixture will reduce heat as well.

These are beautiful and exciting motorcycles. What a shame we can't have new Harleys that require no aftermarket remedies for heat. I think these bikes would be just as beautiful and exciting with a radiator. There are many rumors on the web that Harleys will be liquid cooled in 2010, mandated by government emission standards. Please comment on what you think about liquid cooling on Harleys. Would it make a Harley less exciting? Would you welcome the increased reliability? Do you think radiators on Harleys would ruin their appearance?

More information on reasons and remedies for the Twin Cam 96 heat problem can be found at


Mr. Motorcycle said...

It's hard to day, weather or not it would ruin the appearance. Maybe they could pull it off. I do know that they pulled it on on the V-Rod. It is truly an interesting topic, that I'm sure most Harley riders have thought about, including myself.

Anonymous said...

I would seriously consider buying a Harley ONLY if it were water cooled. I have a BMW K1200LT and a Vulcan 750--both water-cooled. I'm too spoiled for anything else. I know what it's like for the bike to get too hot, as I had an air-cooled '78 Beemer R100/7. It used to get so hot in traffic on a hot day, the engine would start to clatter. Never again!