Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About Me

The word "biker" has different meanings to different people. To most it means someone who rides a motorcycle. That is me. However to those who are uninitiated and think bikers are outlaws, that is not me. I have 3 college degrees, am a family man, have held a steady professional career for 24 years, and have never been arrested. Many bikers on the road might look like outlaws, but most are not.

The "photo" part of my nickname should tell you I like to take photos. I am an amateur photographer. Maybe someday I will be a pro, or a semi-pro. However, I have heard it said that trying to make money in photography can ruin a perfectly good hobby. To put it simple, I like to ride my motorcycles (I currently own two - but can only ride one at a time) to scenic places and take high quality scenic photographs along the way.

Now when I am shooting photos, I am not always traveling on my motorcycle. Sometimes I travel by car, airplane or train. In any event, this blog will contain commentary on the places I go, the things I experience, the people I meet, some pictures, some stories. I hope you find it interesting.

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